Night 3 in Amsterdam

I had one of those memorable meals that are so rare on my third night in Amsterdam. Gebr. Hartering restaurant offers a choice of a 6 or 9 course set menu. The extra 3 courses are a ribeye steak, a cheese course, and an extra dessert. I went with the six course option. I got there at 7:30 and didn’t leave until after 11. Three and a half hours of bliss.
Before the first course they brought me three mini pre-courses.

The first pre-course looks like someone had already eaten. It was a plate of fish bones–anchovy bones that have been fried and dusted with smoked pimenton. It tasted like whole anchovies.

The second pre-course was an Italian green pepper roasted with chive oil and flakes salt

The third pre-course was a red pepper roasted on a charcoal grill.

First course: salted cod with oil, leek ash and watercress.

Second course: lardo with arugula (from a nearby village), caramelized shallots, crispy capers, and peach infused oil.

Third course: shrimp croquette with lemon mayonnaise


The shrimp were the tiny Dutch ones I had the first night in the amuse bouche.

Fourth course: monkfish liver with wild mushrooms


The main course was a porchetta with leek coulis, endives, potatoes (also from a nearby village) and crispy pigs skin. It was a dish with some tang.


Dessert was a creme brûlée that was not too sweet and creamier than most.

This was truly a meal worth travelling for.