This week I am hitting all my favorite places. I had lunch at Union Square Cafe the other day (read about it here) and yesterday I had lunch at M. Wells Dinette.  The owner, Hugue Dufour, and the chef de cuisine, Aidan O’Neal, are among my favorite chefs.

They now have a prix fixe lunch:  any starter and any main for $28.00. The main courses alone were between $22 and $26. And you can get a wine pairing of two short pours for $10.  These are both great deals but we would have been there anyways because the food is so rich, unique and flavorful.

Everything we had was terrific.

Here is the menu:

M Wells menu July 17, 2014

M Wells menu July 17, 2014

One of our starters was beef tartare. Fresh and tasty, the mustard seeds have a great pop to them. They’ve added edible flowers since the last time I had this dish. They make the plate pretty, but I am not sure they added anything to the taste profile of the dish.

Another starter was called cauliflower and mussels.  I am not generally a huge fan of mussels, but I love Aidan’s smoked mussels. The dish was a fresh mediterranean salad. Fresh crispy cauliflower, cucumbers, croutons, radishes, some amazing super thin ribbons of pickled red onions and the wonderful smoky mussels. A great way to start.

Our third starter was a creamy summer squash soup with micro greens and some crunchy toast on top.

Summer squash soup

One main course was a beef short rib dish. The dish included fava beans and thin slices of turnips.  The sauce was excellent but I could not figure out what was in it.  It was the consistency of a curry or a peanut sauce but didn’t have the favors of either. Turns out it was a sauce made of almonds and red peppers.

Another main course was a pork chop with a lighter sauce.  It included peaches, parsnips and crunchy parsnip ribbons.

Pork chop

The third main course was roasted poussin.  It was stuffed and served over lentils and tomatoes.


Both our desserts included blueberries.  One was a blueberry crumb creme brûlée and other was a cheesecake.

Blueberry crème brûlée

Blueberry cheesecake